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9th August 2009
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The Coventry Twitter Community is gaining momentum and apparently Coventry is amongst the most active Tweeters in the UK!


After a recent conversation (on Twitter of course) with Touch Local Breakfast Presenter, Brody Swain, he mentioned that he is trying to form a Coventry Community on Twitter by encouraging all Coventry Tweeters to Follow and Support each other, (which I thought was a pretty cool idea) but to get a Coventry Twitter group going, Brody now needs your help to spread the word

Having a Coventry Community or Coventry Twitter Society would be a great forum for all things Coventry!

If you, like Brody, would like to see a Community feel to Twitter why not spread the word to all your Twitter followers in Coventry and the surrounding areas?

One way to do this is to recommend your followers to other followers by using Mr Tweet, which works on the same principle as #Follow Friday but the BIG difference with Mr Tweet is, you personally Endorse and Recommend followers by way of Testimonials. Because you are Personally Recommending people to follow, your followers are more likely to follow the people you recommend because they trust you!

You of course would also receive Testimonials, which in turn would encourage people to follow you!

Here is a Testimonial I did for Brody on Mr Tweet:

“BestofCoventry Recommended @Brodyswain to @MrTweet 'He is a Genuine Fun Guy to Follow always looking to help and support in anyway ...'

In-short we all get more “Trusted Followers” in Coventry and build our very own Coventry Twitter Society!

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If you have any ideas or thoughts on how to get the Coventry Twitter Society “Out There” please share your thoughts below and leave a comment – Thank you!

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