Smoking ban & Beer gardens in Coventry
13th April 2008
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After a Saturday night out in The Old Crown, Lentons Lane, which turned out to be a good  night out in the end, with live music, a decent crowd of people of all ages and good beer, the only thing that spoils a night out for me is the fact I can't have a smoke with my pint! Now I am not going to debate the rights and wrongs of the smoking ban but will just say it is slowly killing pubs and has turned smokers into second class citizens! Most smoking areas are an afterthought, just somewhere to go in a back yard to stop us smokers from moaning! The Old Crown has a large beer garden and grassed area with swings and slides which will be great in the summer, if we ever get one! However, why are smoking areas not designed for everybody both smokers and non-smokers. My point is: my other half doesn't smoke so I go outside for a smoke and leave her on her own for half the night or she has to come out with me and stand in a pokey little corner. If I leave her on her own she is not impressed (not much of out night out together!) and every div in the bar thinks she's out on her own on the pull! (I suppose that's my problem) If smoking areas were more appealing to everybody then we all could sit outside and have a night out together. Smoking doesn't bother most people and most people would be happy to go out side if the smoking areas provided were warm and comfortable. Now I know this is an added expense for bar owners, however, 5.30 for a double G&T, 2.60 for a pint of lager and 1.90 for a J20 (POP!) surely we should be entitled to a bit of comfort! Some pubs and bars have now started to charge for the heaters by way of a meter, 50p for two minutes, not only is this taking the P... it should be made illegal! That's not going to happen so lets name and shame the pubs that are doing this! so get blogging, and lets hear your thoughts on, not only the bars who are ripping us smokers off, but if  you know a pub, bar or club where both smokers and non-smokers can all go out for a night out together in Coventry. let us know!


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