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4th November 2010
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New Survey Reveals Majority of Brits Feel Supermarkets are Killing the High Street

According to a new survey commissioned by – the UK’s leading marketer for great local businesses – the majority of Brits believe their local high street is in decline and Supermarkets are responsible.
A further 60 per cent of those that took the survey agree that the Government isn’t doing enough to encourage and support small retailers.

The survey comes in contrast to the latest CBI figures which actually suggest high street sales are up, with 58% of retailers saying that the volume of sales rose during October.

‘What shop owners need to understand is there are many ways that they can compete with major chains. For example, by setting up special offers specific to the local area, and by building a reputation as a local champion you can really capture the imagination of the community’.

There are many things local high street shops can do to boost revenue’s and footfall, here are a few:

1. Build and nurture your database of customers so you can keep in touch with them in creative ways. Email, text and social media are all powerful tools that most local retailers don’t utilise properly, if at all

2. Provide really fantastic service to create ambassadors for your business amongst local customers

3. Reward loyalty. So few local businesses do this but it’s easy and it’s core to the strategies of all the big chains like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Boots. Learn from them
4. Position your business as one of the best, by shouting about accreditations, certificates and showing off all the great testimonials from your customers. Turning your customers into ‘local celebrities’ can work wonders

5. Take responsibility. If there are not enough customers coming into your shop then it’s your job to make it happen. Find a way to make yourself interesting and enticing to local people. Sitting back and waiting for government or councils to do something is a surefire recipe for failure.

If you are a shop owner in Coventry, what are you doing to get more customers?

Why not leave a comment below and share your thoughts and ideas?

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