Recession in Coventry? I absolutely refuse to participate in a recession!!!!
24th October 2008
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I absolutely refuse to participate in a recession!!
How to thrive in a downturn and not just survive a downturn!

Around 95% of Coventry business owners will use just one, two or even maybe three primary ways to grow their business and get their business noticed across Coventry!
If you are amongst the 95% of businesses in Coventry who only market their business in one or two primary ways -

Imagine, if you were to increase your marketing so you were using up to ten prime ways of marketing in the month's ahead. What would happen? You would increase your brand awareness across Coventry, increase profits and your customer base! In short, you would be in the 10% of Coventry businesses who are going to "thrive in a recession not just survive a recession!"
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Many Coventry businesses will reduce their marketing in a downturn, Great! That means your marketing and promotions are more likely to be noticed by your potential customers in Coventry!
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I absolutely refuse to participate in a recession!!
Post a comment and tell us who you are, why your business is great, any special offers etc.
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