No Cost Low Cost Marketing in Coventry - Advertising or Marketing
6th August 2009
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It’s not what you know! It’s not who you know!
It’s who knows YOU!

Low Cost – No Cost Marketing
Advertising or Marketing?
Part 3.5

Effective Marketing = Buy-ology

“It takes a brave Elephant to run the opposite way to the other stampeding Elephants”

Many business owners follow their competition when Advertising – Why?

Because they falsely believe, if the competition are doing it they must do it! – That’s a BIG mistake!


“If you are doing the same as everybody else, expect the same results as everybody else - To get the things you’ve never had, you have to do the things you never have!”

Marketing is not the same as Advertising – Let me elaborate!

If the circus is coming to town and you paint a Big sign saying "Circus Coming to town on Saturday," that's Advertising. If you change the words on the sign to say “Internationally Acclaimed World Famous Circus” coming to town, that’s Positioning. If you put that sign on the back of an Elephant and walk through the town, that's Promotion. As you walk through the town and people stop to feed the Elephant and talk to you, that’s Networking. If the Elephant walks through the Mayor's flower bed and eats his flowers, that's Publicity. If you get the Mayor to laugh about it and have his photograph taken with the Elephant, that's Public Relations. If you give a compelling offer for people to buy the circus tickets in advance, that’s Sales. When the town's citizens buy the tickets and attend the circus, they see the many Entertainment booths, Candy stalls and ultimately they spend Money at the circus, Now - That's Marketing!!

PS: No animals were used when writing this article – Damage Limitation!


“Market Your Business as a Sales Person - Sell Your Business as a Marketer”

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