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10th July 2009
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It’s not what you know! It’s not who you know!
It’s who knows YOU!

Low Cost – No Cost Marketing
For Coventry Businesses
Part 2

Testimonials = Buy-ology

“Paul Jones at the Best of Coventry is truly inspirational and all businesses wanting ideas to promote themselves should become members!! An enigmatic and enthusiastic guy who you can’t help but to be motivated by!” – Ben N Zaks Florists Coventry (024 7622 7474) 

Testimonials are an absolute essential tool when it comes to effective marketing, if you are not utilising the power of testimonials you are seriously missing out! If you haven’t got a bank of great testimonials to showcase to your potential customers or online visitors, consider this:

“What other people say about you is at least 20 times more important than what you say about yourself!”

We all know word of mouth is a great way to get more business, don’t we? Well, testimonials have exactly the same effect! In marketing terms, testimonials are a “Call to Action” they give potential customers the confidence and a compelling reason to buy from you, and with high end goods people will even use testimonials to “Justify” spending large amounts of money.

If you are familiar with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) you will know it is always better to say what somebody else thinks rather than what you think – i.e. instead of saying “Akbars is the best Indian restaurant in Coventry” it would be far better to say “Jim has been to Akbars and he said it’s the best Indian restaurant in Coventry.” Because “Jim said it” people are more likely to believe it!

In Short, if you would like to get more business, get more testimonials!
Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive!

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Word of Mouth Just Got Louder!! 

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