Low Cost No Cost Marketing in Coventry - Self Investment
1st November 2009
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It’s not what you know! It’s not who you know!
It’s who knows YOU!

Low Cost – No Cost Marketing 

Self Investment?
Part 4.5

Effective Marketing = Buy-ology

Marketing Strategies for Coventry Businesses

Most business owners understand that they have to invest time and money in Advertising & Marketing their business, but most business owners just don’t get that they have to invest time and money on themselves.

So here’s the deal – The most important person to Your business is You!

So start investing in You!

Start reading books, attending seminars and training courses. In-short remember the mantra…….

A formal Education will earn you a Living!

Self Education will earn you a Fortune!

One of the best Marketing & Sales Gurus on the planet is best selling author Jeffrey Gitomer

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jeffery Gitomer and I would highly recommend you check out his Website HERE!

Learn, Listen, Read, Watch and Practice = Personal Excellence!

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