Local Mum takes Charity to kids in Africa
11th October 2009
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I just wanted to tell you about a very good friend of mine, Paula Kent, who is, at this very moment, flying high above the UK on her way to Kenya in Africa. Paula is the owner of Minerva Holiday Apartment on the Costa Del Sol in Spain, which she lets throughout the year and receives very positive testimonials.  Last year, Paula went on holiday and stayed at 'Elsamere' at the Elsa Conservation Trust, near Nairobi...does that name ring a bell? 'Elsamere' is the name of the home owned by Joy and George Adamson, who rescued a lioness cub, Elsa, and they named their home after her. They wrote books about Elsa's life and if you haven't read the books, you may have seen the movie - Born Free? Whilst enjoying her time spotting wild animals in the heat of the day and hearing the hungry hippos outside her room during the night with only a couple of steps between them and her (apparently they can't get up steps so she was safe!), Paula wanted to visit a school that was in need of some aid. Her party of travellers had come prepared with cases full of books, pencils, paper, shoes, clothes and other items they thought might be useful.  Cliff, who runs the Field Study Centre at the Elsa Conservation Trust, chose a school that he felt could do with their help. It was a long and dusty ride to Naivasha, where the Rubiri Primary School sits in the barren landscape, void of trees, vegetation and water. There are 132 pupils in a one-room school with a Head Teacher, a Deputy Head, one teacher and one assistant. They were extremely grateful for the things that Paula had brought, but they were in desperate need of a water tank (to ensure year round water for drinking and growing food) and a fence around the school property. To do this would cost just £2,000! When Paula returned home, she set about raising the funds needed by holding raffles, an auction and accepting donations from her friends and family - and I myself was proud to oblige. The money was raised and the water tank installed - and now she's gone back to see it for herself! She's taken more supplies with her and she's so excited about seeing everything Rubiri Primary School has accomplished with her help. Well done Paula, we all hope that you have a fantastic time again in Africa - and hope that the hippos haven't learnt how to use stairs!!! Ali

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