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18th April 2011
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Leading Coventry forward



Our country as a whole, our world even, faces some massive challenges. No one will need it spelling out just what these are – we are reminded daily in the news.


Leaders and leadership generally, has been discredited at every hand. The answer isn’t ‘no’ leadership; its good leadership that will restore confidence, breathe new life into our country’s economy and set us on course for a bright future.


Whilst all this is true at a national level, exactly the same is true of us in our city, and even closer at hand, in our businesses and our own lives day by day.


We can sit around and point out what’s been done wrong and what hasn’t worked – and of course some of this is important so we learn from past mistakes – but the challenge at hand is to look forward and grasp the opportunities that are before us. Whether or not we hold any formal leadership position, this is a time when leadership qualities are needed by us all.


In 2010, the challenge of developing leaders was found to be the greatest HR challenge affecting businesses. (Source: Human Resource Executive)


Former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner said, “Personal leadership is the most important element of institutional transformation.”


At a time when budgets may be tight and its all hands on deck, what we cannot afford to do is to neglect leadership development. Invest in yourself, invest in your people. We need strong leaders to arise in every sphere of life across our city.


It doesn’t even have to cost lots. There are some great books on leadership (& I’d be happy to recommend a heap of them). It may be your time that’s required, perhaps to mentor a young leader. We are also running some free workshops you can book onto that will all help to foster a positive, forward-looking attitude for you and your business.


It has also just been announced that the Skills Funding Agency have some funding for leadership and management development of business owners, so crucial is it seen to be to invest in grass roots leadership development across the country.


Keep your eyes open for the next edition of ‘Leading Coventry Forward’. Meanwhile, if you’d like more information on our free workshops - Click Here!


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