Is the demand for first aid growing in Coventry?!
29th July 2009
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A Silver Lining For Businesses in Coventry?

Was I alone in checking that my mobile phone was working throughout the months of April and May or did everyone get a little jittery wondering when the next potential client would get in touch with a relevant question?

During both April and May, First4Aid Instructors must have put on a few extra pounds as courses were not being delivered on the scale that we are used to. The good news is, however, is that our Instructors are having plenty of opportunities to work those extra calories of now!

It was as if a swith was pulled, as June came around the corner the calls and queries picked up with avengance!

In the event that you would like a first aid course delivering, don't worry we are not too busy to take your call! But, if you, like us are a small local business weathering out the storm, try not to worry. It seems as though the sun may be beginning to peak through...

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