If Carlsberg held Networking events in Coventry!
15th April 2008
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If Carlsberg held networking events in Coventry thebestofcoventrysouth wouldn't need your help! 

Carlsberg don't do networking events in Coventry but thebestofcoventrysouth do! However, unlike traditional networking groups in Coventry our networking events our designed to be informal, fun and productive. Every business type in Coventry are more than welcome to come along (Tradesman - That means it's not just for suits! :) ) Together: thebestofcoventrysouth  thebestofcoventrynorth and the NDC Partnership have been running their very successful:

 Futures network

Our networking events are always very well attended by all types of businesses in Coventry and we are always looking for new ideas on how to improve our networking evenings - This may prove to be difficult! However, we are looking for your help!

 Experienced networker - Perhaps you have been to a recent networking event in or around Coventry and seen the next "Big Idea" if so let us know!

New to networking in Coventry - Would you like to attend a relaxed networking event in Coventry - Let us know what you would like to gain from your networking experience!

Are you looking to gain more customers - If you are a local Coventry business and would like to sponsor our networking event in Coventry or have any sponsorship ideas please let us know!

Are you looking to showcase your talents - String quartet, Singer, Magician etc in Coventry would you like to promote your services for free and entertain the crowd at our next networking event in Coventry - If so let us know!

The list goes on.......

So get involved and let us know what makes a great networking event and be in with a chance of winning a bottle of Champers!

Just post your ideas on this Blog or Email:


For more information on our next networking event in Coventry visit:

Futures network - Click Here!


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