How many people in Coventry will use P.R. in 2009? And I don't mean public relations!
2nd January 2009
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P.R. doesn't just stand for Public Relations!

Are you aware that making too many and too unrealistic new-year resolutions may be bad for your health.

Yes, you simply set yourself up to fail and then beat yourself up for being a failure.

Can I suggest that you kick the new-year resolutions in the bin and instead try some good P.R.


You can't beat it. It can be applied through all areas of your life and applied to the degree you want to apply to, in any particular area.

You can choose what piece of your life you place more emphasis on to take more PR., your relationships, your self-esteem, your finances, your employment opportunities, your weight and health, your fitness. Whatever you want, you can achieve it by taking a little more P.R. a piece at a time. This time next year you can be more of what you want to be and have more than you have had by simply taking more P.R.

Am I selling anything? No!

I am just throwing out a new way of thinking of how you can achieve more out of yourself and for yourself. Here are a few simple behaviours to try and see how they change how you behave and feel about you.

You will see lots of adverts for self help and self improvement books at this time of year, advertised, purchased and never read or if they are read never applied. Don't buy them, just apply this FREE information.

  1. What it is you want to change or achieve, make it small, lose 2 lb in weight (even if you need to lose 3 stone, focus on the 2 lbs) may be save money, maybe stop a habit. Whatever, identify it and write it down.
  2. Think about when, where or how the thing you wish to change appears in your daily life and write it down as your 'vulnerable' times.
  3. Now at those Vulnerable times ask yourself these simple questions, why am I doing this? What am I getting from it? How is it making me feel about myself? How will I feel if I don't do it? Am I being personally responsible to me?

Choose your battle and go for it. You don't have to fight a war, you don't need to have the control of a monk. Just practice good P.R. a little piece at a time.

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