Get your Personal Facebook Email Address Before Someone Else Does!
21st December 2010
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Get Your Pesonal Facebook Email

Just Do It Carefully!  

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1 – Give the Application permission to access your Facebook Profile

2 – Sign up to a sponsored site with your personal details


You will be given an incentive to sign up, Discounts etc.


Nobody is saying that this is anyway a bad thing, but you may want consider protecting your privacy and use facebook to request your ‘Invitation’


You can find the facebook page here:


Have you signed up for any Facebook Applications?

What were your thoughts?


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You may have seen messages appearing on your facebook wall in your friends status saying "Get your Personal Facebook Email Address" it will also warn you to act quickly, but don't be to quick to act!

This is just another Facebook Application that is trying to get you to sign up to a sponsored site.


The application will ask you to prove you are a 'real person' by taking a 'Test' which is just another way of saying"Sign up to one of our sponsored sites" 


To sign up you must:

Email Address *
First Name *
Work Telephone
Company Name *
Website Address
Email Opt-in
SMS Opt-in
  * = Required Field

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