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15th April 2011
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How to recognise and deal with diabetes conditions and illnesses.

Some people find it difficult to break down sugar in their body and are diagnosed as having diabetes.

The brain uses sugar for energy. If sugar levels become too low, brain cells are starved.

Some people control their sugar levels through their food, others with tablets and others with injections.


They may slowly become drowsy and tired

They may slowly become very hungry and thirsty

They may start to go to the toilet lots and their breath may start to smell ‘fruity’

Their skin may become very dry and warm

If left untreated over 12 - 48 hours, this person may become unconscious; visit a Doctor


They may quickly become weak, dizzy and poorly co-ordinated

They may become confused, have memory loss and slurred speech

They may become uncooperative, show violent behaviour and act as though they are drunk

Their skin may become very pale, cold and sweaty

If let untreated for as little as 2 minutes, this person may become unconscious

Treat by giving sugary foods or drinks and by calling 999 if they do not respond within 10 minutes

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