Epileptic Seizures
10th March 2011
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 A casualty experiencing an epileptic seizure, may display some of the following signs and symptoms before fitting and becoming very sleepy:

RECOGNITION of the onset of an epileptic seizure may be by:
 Them experiencing a strange taste in their mouth, a smell or a peculiar feeling
 They may sit or lie down
 They may have moments of ‘absenteeism’ or look like they are day-dreaming

SEIZURE may begin and continue for 30 seconds to hours (average 2 minutes) by:
 Them letting out a cry and falling to the floor
 Their back arching and their lips going blue, limbs making sudden, jerky movements
 Eyes rolling, teeth clenching, saliva drooling, lost bladder control, loud breathing (like snoring)

RECOVERY: The casualty may not be fully alert, may be very tired and may be unaware of their actions

 Protect their head and remove any harmful obstacles whilst they have their seizure
 DO NOT put anything in or near their mouth
 Allow them to sleep for as long as needed after their seizure has finished
 Dial 999 for an ambulance if they become unconscious, it is their first seizure, it lasts 3 minutes+

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