Coventry Telegraph Campaign Save Our Pubs
10th April 2010
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Coventry Telegraph campaign to save our Pubs

The Coventry Telegraph launch their campaign to save our pubs in Coventry, but in the modern world is there still a future for the traditional pub?

With the launch of the save our pubs campaign by the Coventry Telegraph, which has to be applauded, it was interesting to read about some of the pubs that have closed down in Coventry over the years, which brought back some happy memories, however, it got me thinking is this just a nostalgic look into the past?

Anything that highlights the demise of local enterprise and encourages people to Buy Local has to be applauded and as someone who likes a drink (glug glug hic) I would be the first to join any campaign that keeps our pubs open, but the odds are well and truly stacked against traditional “Tied” pubs.

With the smoking ban, drink driving, tax, super markets offering cheap drinks and big chain brands offering family friendly facilities, reasonable priced food & drinks, big screen TV, free WI-FI, opening early for breakfast, serving food until late, daily specials, engaging with customers through facebook & social networking sites etc… (Can you guess which chain I’m referring to?) Moreover, with “Tied beer charges” & high rents (according to the BBC) is there still a place for the “Traditional” pub?

The good news is - it’s not all bad news!

There are still some great independent pubs in Coventry, admittedly they have had to move away from the “pie & pint” days and are now offering fine dining, nice surroundings and a secure environments and are engaging with their customers via social networks (any business would have to be some kind of stupid not to embrace social media) Those pubs that have embraced “change” are holding their own against the big brand chains.

Ultimately we the consumers will decide if we still want “traditional pubs”. I for one will be backing the save our pub campaign and encouraging local people to use local shops, pubs and services through our Buy Local campaign, you can show your support for local businesses by joining the Buy Local facebook Fan page – Click Here!

If you would like to let the people of Coventry know about a great local pub or business then you can share your thoughts – HERE!

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