Coventry Surgeon Designs Innovative Wrist Splint!
18th December 2009
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I’ve just been flipping through my local Coventry newspaper, and this article caught my eye...

Coventry surgeon, Richard King, has won a “One To Watch Award” at a ceremony in Birmingham recently, together with £1,000, for his innovative wrist splint that will improve patient care.

Mr King, who works at University Hospital in Coventry, designed a revolutionary new wrist splint, which applies continuous pressure to ensure that the bones align properly as they heal.

I just wish it had been available 2 years ago when my friend, Debby, fell and broke her wrist whilst ice skating at the rink in Coventry.

After her wrist was plastered, she was in constant pain as it healed. It wasn’t until the plaster was removed and she underwent excruciating physiotherapy sessions at Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry that they discovered that her bones had dislocated while in plaster and had healed without being in proper alignment.

The only course of action was an operation, but her consultant in Coventry couldn’t guarantee 100% success and therefore she didn't have it.

Now 2 years later, Debby has limited rotation in her wrist and it will never be the same again – if only Richard’s invention had been around then, Debby might never have had to go through all that pain!

However, it's a comfort to know that as the ice starts to form on our Coventry streets and the snow flakes cover the ground, if you do slip and fall and break your wrist, Richard King's invention will be there to help you heal!!!

Ali, thebestof Coventry

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