Coventry Life Coach Rachel Kordes asks.. Where are you going?
6th July 2008
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Isn't it funny how some days it feels we're all so busy chasing our tails. I tell you what makes me laugh: how people expect something different to happen when they do the same things day in, day out. In this economic climate, it's more important than ever to open our minds to new opportunities for growth. Through my own experience and research, one thing is apparent, adaptation is the key to LONG-TERM success. It's all very well getting this project done or that invoice out and getting past Christmas but what about the next twenty, thirty or forty years?

Life-Work Plan

What do you want people to say about you at your ninetieth birthday, providing you live that long? Have you actually stopped for longer than thirty seconds and thought about this? It really opens your mind up to what you're doing now in context of the 'bigger picture'. I love my life so much because I live true to my heart, something I believe you only really get from re-evaluating your life from the wider perspective.


'Okay, so where does adaptation come into all of this, Rachel?' you're probably asking. Well, my entreprenurial friends, it takes an overall life plan to give you ultimate direction and when the whole landscape begins changing, you need a compass, right? Imagine you're suddenly out in the wilderness of the Outer Hebrides (which is, coincidentally, how it can feel sometimes when running a business). You're coasting along nicely along a straight path, then it starts to go a bit rocky and it seems to be winding down into a valley as the slopes start rising around you. Before you know it, there's a huge mountain ahead. What are you going to do? Many people might think about turning around but guess what? They are going backwards, not forwards which might feel safe and comfortable but isn't really much fun, especially if you see others passing you by.

Direction Finds a Way Forward

Imagine instead you have been using a compass and it shows you need to go straight on and you know that's where you really want to go. Fine, the mountain might still be a daunting prospect but it's worth it now because you just KNOW this is the way forward. So, perhaps you create a pathway around the mountain, perhaps you look for a way round it, or maybe you go to the nearest habitation and hire a local guide. The list goes on...the point is, with a plan you are motivated to keep going and you have the clarity and the certainty in your direction so you're more likely to find ways over, under, through or around the obstacles in life...and in business. In fact, obstacles have now become opportunites because that pathway you've made around the mountain is needed by other trekkers so they start paying you a fee to allow safe passage, or you've done so much climbing you are super fit and the man or woman in your life can't get enough of you and you can now make quicker progress along the next leg of your incredible journey. Hey, if nothing else, you are now tougher, grittier and more focused than you were before.

Your Map

So, here's my suggestion. Sit down tonight, or whenever you decide to invest thirty or so minutes of your life to ask (or re-ask) yourself the question, imagining you're in your 'twilight years', what do you want to see as you look back on your life? What do you want your best friend/ brother/ sister/ spouse to say about your life when you're ninety years old? Your answer to these questions will provide the layout to the map of YOUR life. Apply it to your business, after all your business is a big part of your life and reflects your values. I promise you, it'll take a whole new meaning! For more information or to explore this further in a supportive alliance, call me, Rachel, at Skies of Clarity Coaching Services on 024 7626 6149 or 07853 190840 or email me at You can also read up on what I do at Until next time, Bon Voyage!

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