Coventry Kid Rebecca Shinner enters the Big Brother 9 house
7th June 2008
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Rebecca Shinner from Coventry entered the Big Brother 9 house shouting for Coventry and I love you Nan!

Rebecca also known as Bex a Coventry City fan from Coundon in Coventry, was the first person from Cov to appear in the Big Brother House. Big Brother 9 is full of the usual suspects (what's normal anyway?) and Coventry Kid rebecca Shinner, entered the Big Brother 9 house in a fit of nerves / excitement /drama, not to sure if she was for real or just looking for attention, which is what Big Brother has been all about for last 9 years.

21 year old Rebecca 'Bex' Shinner a nursery teacher in Coventry, is a self confessed attention seeker, so should fit in just fine in the BB9 house; however first impressions seem to be - you will either love her or loath her!

For me Big Brother 9 is well past it's sell by date, the last series saw poor ratings and the contestants were soon forgotten, but at least they got their 10 minutes of fame!

If there wasn't a Coventry Kid in the Big Brother 9 house I would have been watching tartan paint dry this summer, but instead I will be watching our Rebecca and hoping she does herself and Coventry proud!

Would you follow Rebecca Shinner into the Big Brother 9 house?

Do you know our Bex from Coventry?

Has Big Brother run out of ideas?

Let us know your thoughts and views on the Big Brother 9 series and how you think Rebecca will do / is doing!


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