Coventry Hidden in Plain Sight Book Launch
24th August 2009
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"Coventry: Hidden in Plain Sight”

The only colour photo book of modern Coventry!

Book launches showcasing the hidden side of Coventry

The Book Launch of, “Coventry: Hidden in Plain Site” is due to be released in October 2009 – Hardback £16.99

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Coventry: Hidden in plain sight is a book containing over 300 photographs of the 'hidden' Coventry and highly illustrated throughout, this book takes you on a visual tour of the City. "Coventry: Hidden in Plain Sight" is a book showcasing the hidden side of Coventry - the side that people walk past every day and don't see, or have tuned out of sight. From the splendour of the new St. Michael's Cathedral, to the under croft of the original St Mary's Priory, and from modern sculpture to worn stonework, this unique book takes you on a visual tour of Coventry city centre. The only colour photo book of the modern Coventry, "Coventry: Hidden in Plain Sight" has over 300 photographs taken by the author who has lived in Coventry for eight years and along with the captions builds up a usually unnoticed view of Coventry. The book also provides a look at Coventry for tourists who may not have the time to see everything that the city has to offer, and provides them with a lasting reminder of their visit, as well as providing high quality images for them to show friends and family, lasting much longer than a postcard. In addition, many people who have lived in Coventry, and current residents, will find something new and interesting in the book - something that's been hidden in plain sight.


About Author Clare Selley

Clare Selley has lived in her adopted city of Coventry for 8 years and has come to appreciate the historical side of the city. Using her passion for photography she is keen to share the hidden gems that Coventry has to offer. Clare lives in Coventry with her husband and 2 cats - none of whom enjoy having their photograph taken!

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