Coventry Godiva Festival July 4th - 6th the UK's largest free family festival
2nd July 2008
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The Coventry & Warwickshire Godiva Festival July 4th - 6th 2008

The signs and posters are being put in place to warn people that this years Coventry Godiva festival is an alcohol restricted zone! In short, you are NOT allowed to bring your own alcohol to this year's event, there will be a separate area where alcohol can be purchased and consumed.

Despite over 4000 people signing an online petition organisers CV One, have defended their decision to stop people bringing alcohol to this year's event, saying "concern over behaviour" was the main reason. Drugs & knives have also been banned; however, there is no separate area where these can be purchased! Is it just me? If they are that concerned about drink induced trouble, why sell it? To make money perhaps?

That said, the Coventry Godiva Festival will attract approx 30,000 people over the weekend and is still the largest free family festival in the UK. The organisers have a duty to make this an enjoyable event for everybody and should ensure the festival funds itself; however, they also have a duty to the Coventry public and should ensure prices are capped to a reasonable level. If this is to be a TRULY FREE festival, prices should not be excessive making it unrealistic for families on low budgets to be able to go along and treat the kids and themselves!

The weather apart, the Coventry Godiva Festival looks set to be another cracking event, with Coventry band the Enemy heading the festival alongside other bands including: Inner Circle, Tippa Irie and the Kombat Breakers.

What ever the weather - Who ever you are - Have a great festival!

For a comprehensive guide to the Coventry Godiva Festival visit the official Godiva Festival website:

If you attend this years Godiva Festival get in touch and share your highs or lows with us - Thanks

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