Coventry Godiva Festival and Alcohol Laws in Coventry
3rd June 2008
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Is it against the law to drink alcohol in a public place in Coventry? With the Godiva Festival in Coventry just over a month away, I was checking out the website and came across the Godiva Festival guidelines, which states its against the law to drink alcohol in a public place in Coventry!

I have always been aware that it has been illegal to consume alcohol within Coventry City Centre, I think Coventry was the first city in the UK to introduce such a ban on alcohol. I also remember the ban on alcohol being introduced within the Coventry ring road, as it was well publised at the time and went on to be a huge success, with other councils all over England following suit.

However, I can't remember seeing or hearing anything about a blanket ban on alcohol across the whole of Coventry. I do remember reading about alcohol free areas being set up in the south side of Coventry, Jardine Crescent Job's Lane etc.

My question is, when was this ban introduced city wide across Coventry?

If anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated! As I am sure I can't be the only one in Coventry who didn't hear about it - Can I ?

I have tried a search on Google but nothing relevant came up, so if there is anybody out there please get in touch - Thank you!

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