Coventry Girl Going For Gold In The 2012 Olympics
26th August 2009
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Coventry Show Jumping Girl

Chloe Turnbull

My quest for the 2012 Olympics!


Hi I’m Chloe and as this is my first blog I thought I would start by telling you a little bit about myself.


I started riding at four years of age my first pony Amber was a British Horse Society rescue pony.  My mum and Nan would go the B H S rescue centre every w/e to handle/lunge and train her.  Amber was a Welsh section A pony that had been found in a dark barn with a number of other ponies half starved and in very poor condition. Amber eventually came to live with us at Corley Moor she was as safe as houses very reluctant to go faster that a trot but what else does a four year old need.


I grew out of Amber and went on to a pony called Billy he was more adventurous and I would compete over small jumping courses.  I then progressed further and mum bought a pony called Piper.  Piper came with her own issues was extremely nervous around her head this was because she had been found with a head collar on in the field it had been left on to tight till her skin had grown over the head collar.



Once again mum and Nan were working their magic on getting Piper used to being bridled.  Piper and I progressed to me jumping her at David Broomes equestrian centre in Wales.  Where Piper and I had many success’s to this day Piper is doing extremely well with the little girl who now owns her, she still carries a scar but her quality of life is great and again many successes.



I then progressed to Tod (Supreme Hot Toddy) this is really where my jumping career really took off Tod had a fantastic jump feared nothing and fast against the clock. Todd had come with a problem he did not like going into a lorry box, however mum and Nan were there again treating him with kindness and eventually he over came his fears. Tod and I had numerous successes entering classes in Scotland/Wales and home (England) I had now progressed to jumping at B S J A level entering and successfully competing at Pony of the Year. “The place to win”.  I again had to move on to a bigger pony now 13 however again funds being what they are mum had to buy a pony that did not know his job yet and we would have to teach him.



This pony 14 2 and five had been broken to ride but that was it, he is black an Irish draught cross and a handsome chap with a wonder full temperament. We began taking him to unaffiliated shows to teach him his job after hours of work at home with him. Jet and I began winning at unaffiliated shows and progressed to jumping him at affiliated level. We have now had numerous successes winning the Championship at Pony of The Year, qualifying first rounds/second rounds and now trying third rounds for HOYS. Jet and I have qualified for five classes at the Scope festival in Staffordshire where we are going at the end of August 2009.  Successful at Bicton with first in the Discovery class with 75 entered. Jet has now progressed to jumping Fox and I will compete him at this level next year having already qualified him for the 2010 season in the first rounds.


What Jet and I have achieved in the 18 months I have owned him is in a nutshell fantastic and long may our success continue!!
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Below are a few pictures of Jet taken this year – I would like to thank Ben N Zaks Florists in Coventry Market for their continued support it really is appreciated – Thank you! ♥


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