Basic First Aid Advice in Coventry - Treating Burns
11th July 2009
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First4: Burns

Welcome to the sixth monthly edition of First4Sight,
a quick guide into how to deal with minor first aid incidents.

In this month’s edition, we will be looking at how to deal with someone who
has experienced a burn.

To treat a casualty, who has been burned, will need to know how serious their burn is:

1ST Degree Burns The injured area is red and swollen. The top layer of skin is not broken.
  The Casualty is in some discomfort/pain.

2ND Degree Burns The skin in also blistered and the top layer of skin is broken.
  The Casualty is in a lot of pain.

3RD Degree Burns The skin is black and charred, some bone/muscle may be showing.
  The Casualty is in no pain (as their pain receptors have been injured).


This treatment is for someone with 1st or 2nd degree burns that are no larger than the size of an adult’s hand

- Cool the burn under cold running water for a minimum of 10 minutes
- Cover loosely with cold, wet non-fluffy material
- Do not burst blisters


This treatment is for someone with 3rd degree burns, as well as large burns

- Dial 999 and wait with the Casualty until help arrives
- Lay a cold, wet non-fluffy covering across the area
- Do not put the injured limb in a bath (or similar) full of cold water
- Do not pull any burned/melted clothing away from the burned area

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