Basic First Aid Advice in Coventry - Diabetics
4th August 2009
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First Aid 4: Diabetics

Welcome to the seventh monthly edition of FirstAid4Sight, a Basic First Aid guide into how to deal with minor first aid incidents.

In this month’s edition, we will be looking at how to deal with someone who is an unwell diabetic.

To treat a diabetic casualty, you will need to know if their symptoms are an effect of not enough sugar (hypoglycaemic) or too much sugar (hyperglycaemic)

TOO LITTLE Hypoglycaemic 

They may be dizzy, disorientated and have a headache

They may be irritable, confused, aggressive and anti-social (drunken like)

They may be pale and sweaty

They may have a rapid and strong pulse

TOO MUCH Hyperglycaemic

They may be severely thirsty and hungry as well as go to the toilet frequently

They may be very restless and tired

They may have sweet, fruity smelling breath

They may have very warm and dry skin

They may have a very rapid and weak pulse

If left untreated, both of these conditions could lead to lack of consciousness, coma and even death!


This treatment is for someone with TOO LITTLE sugar (Hypoglycaemic)

- If they are conscious, give them sugar
- If you give sugar and they do not respond, call 999
- If they become unconscious, dial 999


This treatment is for someone with TOO MUCH sugar (Hyperglycaemic)

- In all circumstances, dial 999 and wait with the Casualty until help arrives
- If they become unconscious and you know how, put them in the recovery position

If you are unsure if they are hypo or hyper, it is best to give sugar

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