Basic First Aid Advice - Dealing with Shock
31st May 2011
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Welcome to First4Sight First Aid Blog, a quick insight into how to deal with minor First Aid incidents 

In this edition, we will be looking at – Dealing with Shock

If the person has any visible blood, vomit or faeces, Put on gloves or any other protective barrier!



 The brain may be receiving less oxygen than normal (through bleeding, vomiting, sweating)

 The body may be losing bodily fluids so have less blood than normal

 They may have a lower blood pressure than normal (through the heart not pumping effectively)


 They may have fast, shallow breathing

 They may appear pale, grey and sweaty with clammy skin

 They may feel dizzy, weak and sick

 They may become confused, anxious or aggressive


 Treat the cause of the shock (e.g. any bleeding wounds)

 Lay them down with their legs slightly raised in the air

 Dial 999 for an ambulance if they need further treatment or they become unconscious

 Keep them warm and relaxed but do not let them eat, drink or smoke (in case they need any surgery)

If the casualty becomes unconscious; place them in the ‘recovery position’


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