Basic First Aid Advice Coventry – Recovery Position
5th January 2010
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Basic First Aid Advice in Coventry

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First4:  Recovery Position



Welcome to the First monthly edition in 2010 of First4Sight, a quick guide into how to deal with minor first aid incidents and basic First Aid Advice

In this month’s edition, we will be looking at why you might and how you would place someone into the recovery position.


WHY you might put someone in the recovery position:

Keep the airway open: You can tilt the head back whilst a person is on their side. This will allow air to pass through the nose/mouth and   through to the lungs

Safe position: Placed on their sides with their legs at angles, a person is unlikely to roll away

Comfortable position: In this position a person will be comfortable while waiting for help or to become well

"Use a recovery position if you are concerned a person may be sick in their sleep, or may stop breathing"


HOW you might put someone in the recovery position:

1) - Whilst on their back, put their closest hand to you, in a 90° Policeman’s    STOP position’

2) - Take the furthest hand, bring it towards you and hold it in place on their cheek closest to the floor

3) - Take the leg; pull the knee upwards and use as a lever to roll the      person towards you onto their side

4) - Remove your hand from the cheek carefully, tilt the airway back and check for regular breathing

5) - Ensure the legs are at a comfortable angle, keep warm and observe until awake / help arrives

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