Basic First Aid Advice Coventry – Identify and Help Possible Stroke Casualties
4th November 2009
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Basic First Aid Advice Coventry


Welcome to the 10th monthly edition of First aid 4Sight, a quick blog guide into how to deal with minor first aid incidents.

In this month’s edition, we will be looking at how to identify and help someone who may have had a stroke.

You can use the word FAST to help you remember and recognise someone who has had a stroke:

F acial weakness: They may not be able to smile, their mouth or eye have drooped downwards.

A rm Weakness: They may not be able to raise both of their arms at the same time.

S peech problems: They may not be able to speak clearly or understand what you are saying.

T ime to call 999: If any of the above are true, you should call for an ambulance.

If left untreated, the person may become unconsciousness

Other possible signs and symptoms:

- Sudden numbness down one side of their body or their face
- Loss of balance and/or co-ordination
- A sudden and severe headache
- Suddenly becoming confused
- Having sight problems and/or having unequal pupil sizes

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