Basic First Aid Advice Coventry – Hyperventilation / Panic Attacks
5th October 2009
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Basic First Aid Advice Coventry – Hyperventilation / Panic Attacks

Welcome to the ninth monthly edition of First4Sight, a quick guide into how to deal with minor first aid incidents.


In this month’s edition, we will be looking at how to help someone who is hyperventilating and possibly having a panic attack.


To treat someone who is hyperventilating, you will firstly need to recognise their situation.

Breathing too fast: If someone is breathing too quickly, they may not be taking enough oxygen into their lungs. In turn, this will mean that red blood cells do not receive the oxygen they need, the brain, organs and muscles will then not be able to function normally.

Someone breathing too quickly may sound like they are panting, be panicked and look very hot and flustered.

Having a panic attack: Some people may be medically prone to having panic attacks and sometimes a certain ‘trigger’ (something they see, feel or experience) may cause such an attack. People who have previously experienced panic attacks may know how they want to treat themselves.

If left untreated, both of these conditions could lead to lack of consciousness, through lack of oxygen


This treatment is for someone who is BREATHING TOO FAST

- Try to calm them down: sit in a comfortable, warm position, encourage slow breathing
- If they cannot physically slow their breathing, use a bag to breath into (to reducing available oxygen)
- If they become unconscious, dial 999


This additional treatment is for someone who is HAVING A PANIC ATTACK

- If possible, remove the cause/trigger of the panic attack
- Listen if they tell you how they want to deal with their condition


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