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4th July 2012
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The third of our weekly blogs from the amazing Independent Retailers and Tea Rooms: Northern Tea Merchants and what better day to bring you this than today ‘Independents Day’!

Today people are being encouraged to visit and buy at least one thing from a local independent shop so if ever you needed an excuse to visit, today is the day!!

Here is a selection of wonderful tea’s to try from Northern Tea Merchants, but go visit, you really will be spoilt for choice!


Keemun ‘Mao Feng’

This Keemun is from the Anhui province in China. Mao Feng means Fur Peak, which is made of only slightly twisted leaf buds and is sometimes noted for a smoother and different flavor. Why not brew a smaller quantity of this tea for a longer time than usual, up to 7 minutes, to bring out more interesting tones in the tea?


Peppermint Fine Cut

This Cuban Fine Cut Peppermint smells absolutely wonderful, makes a great additive to many dishes, but can also be drunk as an infusion on its own. Ideal to relieve a bloated tummy, or to revive oneself during and after a winter (or indeed summer!) cold!


Whole Rose Buds

These Rosebuds are gathered by villagers in the heart of the Anhui province. Grown on wild rose bushes these flowers are left to grow as nature intended, picked and packaged ready for export. These Rosebuds can provide excellent soothing tea, also perfect for helping clear a sore throat!


This afternoon (Wednesday 4th July) download this voucher, and enjoy your food and drink in the cafe then take home some tea for free! (See voucher for more information on the special offer).

What better reasons to visit Northern Tea Merchants on today 'Independents Day' and celebrate this great Chesterfield Independent!

For more information or to place an order call now on 01246 232600

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