Green Tea, Darjeeling and More!!
27th June 2012
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Did you know that tea is good for you?  There is about 8 x the amount of 'anti-oxidant power' in three cups of tea than there is in one apple, not that we need an excuse to drink more tea! [Source: UK Tea Council] 

Here are our weekly new tea’s to try from the wonderful Northern Tea Merchants.


Formosa Jade Oolong

This green tea is just as lovely to drink as it is to look at! Very well known among tea drinkers, this is a semi-oxidized tea that has a delightful flowery aroma, brisk flavour, with a smooth body, and a fruity finish.


Formosa Lapsang

This is a gently smoked Oolong Tea, and it is possible to distinguish the exotic woods that are used in the smoking process. This is an ideal drink to have after an oriental meal, or why not try, to aid digestion after a heavy lunch! Perfect!


Darjeeling ‘Okayti’ Second Flush

Second flush Darjeelings, are often preferred as the tea plants have been able to ‘develop’ by the time they give the second flushing of leaves after the monsoon. Perfect growing conditions, combined with a highly skilled and experienced tea factory, makes Okayti one of the best Darjeeling Estates.


SO why not visit Northern Tea Merchants and try something new today?  Download their current voucher here, which will allow you to take home some tea for free on a Wednesday afternoon, after having enjoyed eating in the café! (See voucher for more information on the special offer).

For more information or to place an order call now on 01246 232600

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