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4th February 2013
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  1. Identify some of your Key Tasks or Activities (just two or three)
  2. Who do you provide them for (the Customer)? 
  3. How could you simply improve what you do, to who you do it for? 

If you were able to do this and implement the solution, how much would it save the company in a year – approximately? Now think if everyone in your business did that, just once a week and implemented their improvements. Just as an example, consider this:

The improvement saves just £100 per year. However, you repeat the exercise every week for a year. £100 x 52 (weeks) = £5,200. There are 25 people in your business and they all do the same. £5,200 x 25 (employees) = £130,000 saved or value added to the business.

Clearly, this is just conceptual, but it shows just how easy it is to start involving people in improving business performance in an incremental and easy to manage way. You do not have to implement a sophisticated and expensive ‘initiative’ to do so – although that may come later, when everyone understands the concept and is ready to embrace it.

Another thought to leave you with. If all of your employees started thinking this way as part of their job role, instead of just accepting the way that things are done, how many times would you identify improvements that actually save the business thousands of pounds?

Food for thought?

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