Where can I get a positive attitude?
9th November 2010
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Having started a business for the first time in his life,  a man was having a discussion with his friend, a successful businesswoman. As the discussion ended, the friend said sagely “ If there is one thing you must have above all else, when you set up in business, it is a positive attitude”.  The next day the man entered a bank on his high street and said to the clerk “ A friend has told me I need a positive attitude, can you tell me where I can get one?” . “Not here, mate”  came the reply.

The man went next door,  an accountant’s office. “I understand that I need a positive attitude to succeed in business. Can you help me? The accountant replied “there’s no point. Don’t you know the country is in a slump? Most new businesses fail in the first year anyway. Have a nice day!”
Despondent, the man entered the next shop, a tailor’s.  “ I doubt you can help ,

I’m looking for a positive attitude, do you know where I can find one?” “Try this suit for size” said the tailor. Within minutes the man was decked out in a splendid business suit,  dazzling shirt, tie and designer cufflinks. “How do you look, sir?” asked the tailor. “I look great” said the man. The tailor ventured “How do you feel, wearing the suit?”.  “I feel a million dollars!” came the reply. “Do you think that you can win business wearing that suit?” The man responded “ Yes I do!!”  “Then sir, if you buy the suit, shirt, tie and cufflinks, I can tell you that a positive attitude comes free of charge”.

Believe it or not, there are points to my silly story. Firstly, it is our attitude, not aptitude, that inspires success. Confidence, motivation, belief and resilience are the difference between winning and losing. Secondly, we shouldn’t waste  time with negative people. Surround ourselves with positive people and we find their optimism rubs off.  Finally, we must invest in our attitude. There are times when we don’t feel as motivated as we should. Read an inspirational article, do something worthwhile or learn something new and our attitude is soon reinvigorated.  Sometimes, just looking good does the trick!

When we believe in ourselves, anything is possible!

Paul Rutherford, MD Sales Leadership Development paul@sld-cc.co.uk




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