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4th April 2011
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After seasoned career in multi-national organisations, Simon Whitehouse formed Balanced Perspectives in 2006 with the premise to help businesses succeed through the training and development of their employees.

In its five years of trading, the company has worked with hundreds of people in numerous small, medium and large organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Simon said: “We offer a range of services aimed at challenging people to think differently and take ownership of their jobs, and their lives. For example, we run training courses in assertiveness and conflict management to demonstrate simple yet effective ways to manage difficult situations and ‘difficult people’ using professional actors to ensure a genuine training experience. We run a problem solving course that encourages lateral and creative thinking within a framework that ensures off-the-wall ideas can be practically applied and a decision making course that challenges how and why we make effective decisions and avoid common pitfalls.”

The company’s management and leadership courses encourage participants to question their role and the contribution they make to their organisation to ensure maximum impact. Individual coaching and mentoring programmes set out to provide a supportive yet challenging environment for clients to explore the challenges they face and to identify sustainable solutions.

Simon explained the company’s ethos: “In all cases we spend time with our clients to understand their culture and business priorities and then tailor our training to ensure alignment with what the client is trying to do with their business.
“We believe passionately in the development of people. But that doesn’t mean we are ‘soft’.  We combine a professional, supportive and yet challenging approach that stimulates thinking and encourages participants to question their beliefs and attitudes.  We like to think of ourselves as your ‘critical friend’. We can take a nurturing and supportive approach when its is appropriate, and we can also play devil’s advocate and challenge your assumptions if we think it is going to help you and your employees grow and develop.”

The company also applies its philosophy to outplacement services, and in an instance where an organisation is downsizing, it can provide services to help employees find new jobs.

Simon elaborated: “These employees might be surplus to your business today, but they could be future customers, suppliers or competitors in the future. The way you support them through their difficult transition could pay dividends down the line.”

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