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8th September 2010
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We all need more sales. Every business and every enterprise needs to grow its sales.
Of course, we need to get the profit and the profit margin right too, but without the sales, we simply don't have a business.
So, in the course of the research that we have been conducting for the next Enterprise and Freelance Fair, we were only slightly surprised to discover that the number one issue for all business is 'to make more sales'.
We also asked if those businesses felt they had been left behind in digital marketing - and just a couple said yes. Other said they didn't quite know what to do with mobile internet marketing. Still more said that they were uncertain about Social Media...
... but every business declared its need for more sales.
So, what does a business do? It has a website, it has a social media presence, it may even have an iphone app (a small program)... so where does it find the answer to its conundrum?
What does the business have to do to increase sales? How does it answer this question?
Well, this is the purpose of the Enterprise Freelance Fair.
The event, next is in the Wirral on 14th October, is designed to help freelance marketing, creative, media and digital talent connect with businesses and help solve that most important question... how to generate more sales.
The first two sessions in the morning are designed around helping freelancers understand how their skills can aid and help the businesses attending.
And, from mid morning, we'll be introducing those freelancers to businesses to help match their skills and talent to businesses looking to make more sales.
So, are you satisfied with your current sales? If yes, please contact me and share some tips.
If not, then why don't you come to the next event on 14th October to see if you can hire the answer. After all, your competitors might be finding out the answers as we speak...
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