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12th November 2010
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It may be argued that Deva Travel’s reputation as a ‘luxury travel agent’ has been a fortunate side effect since joining International Travel Connections’ family of luxurious brands, but I would beg to differ.

Deva Travel has built its own reputation over the past 35 years and are proud to be Chester’s leading independent travel agent. This has been no mean feat during recent years with the troubles the travel industry has had to endure, but one factor has ensured Deva Travel are still fighting the battle and winning!  The recipe to our success is not rocket science – having a strong team of experienced people who strive to impress our clients and make booking their dream holiday an experience to remember – and if a glass of champagne or Cappuccino is what the client wants, we are delighted to oblige!

There is no room for complacency in this fierce industry – who works the hardest succeeds and that is why I am proud that the team at Deva Travel still recognise and project this humble attitude with all our clients.

We all know that the best form of advertising is personal recommendation and more than half of our custom comes from our long standing loyal clients who appreciate the expertise and knowledge they receive when booking with Deva Travel. To understand luxury you have to appreciate the finer things in life and we demonstrate this at every single opportunity starting from the methods in which we advertise to the personalised welcome home calls our clients receive. Deva Travel has gone one step further yet again and are working with like minded clients who act as Ambassadors, recognising and rewarding our clients for recommending their friends to us.

One key area that we are focusing on as a team is to develop strong networks within our locality, to become involved in new and refreshing community initiatives and to raise the profile of Deva Travel within Cheshire. We are embarking upon our new financial year bursting with innovative advertising and marketing opportunities and moving our communication channels into the 21st century. There is clearly a need to Tweet, Blog and have as many friends as possible in your Facebook group but you can’t underestimate the importance clients still place on good old fashioned face to face advice.

Deva Travel are often referred to as the ‘Travelled Agent’ and I personally place a great emphasis on ensuring the team are up to date with the hottest destinations – this may sound basic and by keeping personal diaries whilst we are on our travels we are able to share our experiences with our clients within local publications. By securing the role as ‘Travel Experts’ in various Cheshire magazines, we are able to demonstrate that we are indeed constantly travelling all over the world to ensure we are the best in our field.

What a fabulous industry we are fortunate to work within – where else are you able to see the world and stay in the most luxurious of hotels – and better still talk about them to those who are keen to listen and value your knowledge?

Deva Travel
Sarah Roberts


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