Signworld on BBC News at 10!
10th May 2010
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Signworld were approached by the BBC to give their opinions on the 2010 election.

As we know Gordon Browns Labour Party intend to increase employees National Insurance contributions to support national debt created by our recent bank bailout.

As a well respected city based manufacturing company with over 10 employees Signworld were the BBC’s obvious choice to voice their opinions on how the proposed increase can effect businesses.

Signworld’s M.D. Allan Stephenson was interviewed by a London Based BBC reporter who candidly delivered his stance that our personal National Insurance contributions ensure our Schools, Hospitals, Policing and Pensions are safe, and that we have to face up to the face we have a National Debt and in his opinion whether we like it or not the clearest way of assisting the countries deficit is by a way of a National Insurance increase.

Please take a look at the snap shot below of Allan Stephenson and James Moorcroft, and click here for the interview (they are 7 mins and 22 seconds in).


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