PrestigeGP Helps Local Businesses Maintain Productivity Over Winter
16th December 2009
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There is much talk currently about swine flu and a vaccination campaign is currently being devised. However we should not forget the impact seasonal influenza has on a workforce.


According to the consumer health information centre more than 150million working days are lost each year in the UK during the influenza season. This costs the economy £6.75 billion and puts pressure on the productivity of businesses. 


Absent staff means extra pressure on those remaining and often staff continue to work whilst ill thus increasing the risk of a workplace outbreak. Infection can last about seven days but weakness and perhaps reduced productivity can persist for some time.


The seasonal influenza vaccination reduces the frequency of respiratory and other illness and in studies has shown an overall decrease in absenteeism by 36%. This study also concluded that influenza vaccination of a workforce was clearly cost effective. (New England Journal Medicine 1995,333;889-93)


PrestigeGP, your local private medical service, can offer influenza vaccination schemes in your workplace. 


A guide price is approx £25 per employee but varies with requirements.


Please visit us at or ring 01244 683683 and ask for Dawn to discuss your individual requirements.

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