Plastic Business Cards: Get Multiple Names On One Run And See The Cost Benefits
7th March 2014
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Plastic business cards are a great way to stand out. Especially in a sea of paper cards that are often fraying at the edges.

They make a statement. They say you’re a bit different. Add some extra touches like metallic print or a QR code that links directly to your website and suddenly you’re in a different league. 

Most importantly, plastic business cards are far more likely to be kept in someone’s wallet than paper ones. 

But they’re more expensive, aren’t they? 

Here’s where the cost savings come in

Runs of paper business cards are inexpensive. But in almost every case, you have to pay for each name you want on a business card, because it entails a new set-up at the printers. So if you have 20 employees, the printing costs suddenly multiply x 20.

The difference with our plastic business cards is you can have as many names as you like.

So you might take our 500 business card pack and ask for 10 names to be printed, so each employee receives 50 cards each. We only make a small extra charge for this flexibility – in this case £20.

You could even have a different name on every single card.

How about a name badge for every employee in the company?

If you have 1000 employees, take our 1000 business card pack, send us your information and we’ll print a different card for everyone. Perfect for a big event you’ve got coming up or for people to just to have in the drawer for the next one.  

250 full colour, double sided plastic business cards start from just £112.70 here

If you’d like any further information, please get in touch on 0844 257 8857 or email

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