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7th August 2014
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In the quest to help people optimise their tweets, Twitter has introduced a free to use ‘Activity Dashboard’. Similarly to Facebook’s ‘Insights’, the dashboard will give users in-depth knowledge regarding their tweets and followers.

The new dashboard offers a range of great features:

  • Shows how many views your tweets have received over the past 4 weeks
  • Ability to track how many retweets, replies, favourites and clicks you have received
  • Comprehensive analytics for individual tweets so you can see which perform best

To use the dashboard you must sign up to a Twitter advertising account. This is free, but it does require some credit card details. This is because people with ad accounts frequently spend money, so asking for the details at the sign-up stage streamlines the process. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged unless you start advertising. 

While we’re talking Twitter, you should be aware of another very useful tool, this time for tackling hashtags.

I use Hashtagify.me almost every time I compose a new tweet. It’s great for when you can’t think of the right hashtag to link with my tweet. I also use it to see who has the most influence over particular hashtags- mention this person in your tweet and all their followers will see it too.

Hashtags are important because they link likeminded users together through shared interests. Use them to create conversations around your business, product or service.

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