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23rd November 2011
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Red Door, situated under the Blossoms Hotel on St John Street, is a cocktail bar which launched in May this year.

The concept was conceived by the original owners of the hospitality giant Living Ventures- Tim Bacon and Dave Hinds, and under the directorship of an industry stalwart, Lee Lynch.

Lee’s 15 years spent climbing from humble glass collector, to Living Ventures’ bar operations director, has meant he has trained over 1,000 bartenders and gained a lifetime of experience.

After the sale of The Living Room brand, and on returning from a year of globe trotting, Lee was hungry for a challenge and a change of direction. With his former mentors Tim Bacon and Dave Hinds – Lee dreamt of taking the VIP product and service so inherent to the Living Ventures brand and re-packaging it. He wanted to make VIP treatment accessible to the everyday customer- making the extraordinary, ordinary. His year spent sampling rum and tequila all over the world, taking in the beaches, hotels and bars that the countries he visited had to offer, inspired the ideas that were to become Red Door – a New York loft meets Miami beach. The mantra ‘nothing new is allowed’ became a theme as the décor in the first Red Door in West Kirby, Wirral, and later Chester, reflected. With washed out, distressed boards for walls, a prize winning Marlin hanging above the bar, and a host of eclectic paintings and artwork adorning the walls, Red Door contains nothing of the usual décor expected of a VIP bar.

Lee and his team set about building a back bar of premium products. Boasting some of the rarest and most expensive spirits in the world at prices so low the ordinary guest can afford, Red Door hopes to not only wow but educate their customers by making the premium accessible. Serving this prestigious product, and a bespoke menu of original cocktails and classic spins created by Lee, are the other most notable aspect of Red Door – its bartenders.

After undergoing an intensive training program crafted by Lee himself, conducted at three stages over 18 months, Red Door’s bartenders can confidently claim to have an in-depth knowledge and skill. Added to this talent is a focus on personalised customer service and laid-back, friendly rapport.

Red Door is looking ahead to the festive season with an array of booth packages, set to create a memorable occasion for any staff party or celebration.


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