Local author's New Book Hits the Shelves
17th May 2018
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To commemorate the centenary of WW1 a new book has been published entitled Chapel Street: ‘The bravest little street in England’, King George V. It is helping to raise awareness and funds for the charity Walking With the Wounded. In 1914 when war broke out some 161 men volunteered for duty from just 60 lodging houses. Half these men enlisted in the Cheshire Regiment in different battalions, and the book covers their story on the Somme, Gallipoli (the famous evacuation); Salonika (where the war was won), modern Iraq and Palestine. King George V called it ‘The bravest little street in England’.

The men experienced being shot, gassed, shelled, shipwrecked and captured as POW’s. More men were recorded as ‘Missing in Action’ than anywhere else. They took part in daring raids and rescues during the war, including that of future Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. The book also contains a useful section on tracing your own family military service. The book has drawn on Military Journals, War Diaries and Military Histories and the author is grateful for the expertise and help given by Chester Military Museum, at the Castle, Chester home of the Cheshire Regiment.

Chapel Street: ‘The Bravest Little Street in England’. Author Sheila Brady. History Press. ISBN 9780750970426 can be purchased from all good bookshops and online. It is also available in Kindle, which is featured enabled to enlarge text and comes with free App so it can be read on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

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