LA's Pop Sensation Fiona Grey's UK debut
2nd September 2016
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"A heartfelt lowrider that woos its way into your teen dream heart like 
a rebellious cross between Lorde and Christina Aguilera." 
- Neon Gold Records

"The 19 year old singer brings Hollywood glamour to a sultry story of love, drugs, and vanity"
- Galore Magazine

“On her brand new single What You Want she shows impressive maturity, her restrained performance meshing well with the darker dance pop arrangement, and that sultry, adult aesthetic is enhanced even more by a gorgeously shot new video for the track.”
-Pop Matters

Los Angeles-based indie-pop songwriter Fiona Grey is gearing up for the release of her newest single, What You Want, which will be included on her upcoming Belladonna EP to be released in the UK September 15. The single What You Want glistens with heartfelt lyrics driven by electronic beats that demands to be heard loud and clear. Filled with edgy melodies and introspective lyrics, What You Want is Fiona's most personal composition to date.

What You Want is, at its heart, an airing of grievances aimed at would-be romantic interests too indecisive, too preoccupied or simply too intimidated to commit to. “Hold me a little bit closer,” belts Fiona in her signature dusky timbre. “Show me you’re a little bit stronger or you’re never gonna get what you want.”

In support of the release Fiona will be performing throughout England and France this September promoting her new EP.

September 17th Live Room - Chester
September 18th Jacanada - Liverpool
September 20th Whiskey Jar - Manchester 
September 21st Mr Wolfs - Bristol 
September 23rd Mono. Chorlton - Manchester
September 28th L'international - Paris

The song’s mood of restless defiance spills over into its video, where shots flicker through Los Angeles, from dimly-lit bedrooms to luxe high-rise concerts to the city streets themselves, turning What You Want into a literal windows-down sing-along.

"Writing and recording this track was like bringing a diary entry to life,” says the 20-year-old songstress. “I was feeling all sorts of emotions about this guy and thinking about all the things I’ll never say to him but wish I could. Songwriting has been a huge emotional outlet for me, and I think the things I was feeling at the time really came through while we were recording in the studio.” What You Want takes listeners on a journey filled with young romantic love and infatuation but if not careful will swallow you up in a whirl wind of adolescent passion. 

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