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22nd September 2011
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When thinking about what to write in this blog i had a look at what makeup trends were emerging from New York fashion week – i know its the Spring 2012 collections but hey! I counted at least 20 documented ‘new trends’ ranging from Violet eyes (Peter Som and Mandy Coon), Neon Orange lips (Jason Wu) and my personal favourite self adhesive eye liner patches (Dior – just in case you really want to know!). Now I love how some high fashion trends filter down and work for ‘normal people’ after all this summer would have been even more miserable had it not been for Chanel’s initially shocking Mimosa (or pale yellow to you and I) nail varnish,  brilliantly and affordably copied (sorry ‘homaged’) by Barry M and other high street brands – but I think sometimes we want real hints and tips for real, and busy people... so here goes!!

Skin – one of the best skin care tips I can give any one is to remove their makeup when they get in from work – straight away. It’s very simple but instead of leaving it until exhaustion hits at bed time and vaguely mopping a wipe over your face and slapping some moisturiser on - if you do it earlier you should have more time and inclination to do it properly – spend 2 minutes rubbing your cleanser on then remove your makeup properly before toning (or splashing with cold water, very effective and certainly cheap), then spend at least 3 minutes rubbing your moisturiser in. Facial massage is amazing – it helps removes toxins from under the skin and encourages blood to the surface which brings nutrients which WILL improve your skins appearance. Simple, easy and it works!

Makeup – we all know eye brows frame the face (blahblah)but eyebrow pencils can be difficult to use (particularly if you were glasses) and often age the face with harsh lines. Try using an eyeshadow applicator and use brown eyeshadow instead, then use a cotton bud to smudge into the exact look you want. Again this is much easier to do and as most of us have a brown shadow knocking about it won’t cost you anything either!

Written by Joanne Walsh, Joanne has been a successful makeup artist for 6 years and now has opened successful Beauty Salons  in Chester called-  The Secret Sanctuary in Chester,

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