La Cantina working with Pendrill and Peter Papprill to provide specialist Italian produce to restaurants and hotels in the northwest
6th May 2011
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'Marco at La Cantina has begun to support Peter Papprill and Pendrill 1651 Ltd - Chester's well known fine food supplier to leading restaurants and fine food outlets catering outlets throughout the north and Midlands- providing specialist Italian produce and menu ideas.

Peter - the Cheese Detective and chair of Taste Cheshire amongst many other accolades in the food sector which follows quality, artisan  and original produce- has recognised the expert knowledge, sourcing and preparation of regional Italian foods  by Marco at La Cantina ( which can be seen from its web sites and ) - an example of cooperation this week is Marco providing 3 cheeses,biological traced mountain chestnut artisan honey and wild grown walnuts to one of Peter's clients, a new largish restaurant in Manchester centre hosting a Food and Wine tasting for 70 people a few days before Easter. The cheeses , provided at 48 hours notice were a superb creamy Robiola di Langhe ( from near Alba, world famous for its truffles), Ubriaco Trevigiano from near Venice matured in red wine to give a lovely, rich purple and deep tasting rind, and a 90 day old mountian region artisan Gorgonzola Piccante- totally different to the supermarket type of the same name!!
With the delivery Marco brought in some Burrata cheese from Puglia ( normally only seen in leading London restaurants, some small beautiful creamy Bufalo mozzarella from near Naples, juicy sun produced salad tomatoes from Sicily and little sweetest Datterini tomatoes grown in the spring Neapolitan sun as well as fresh basil and oregano so sweet you can smell its aroma from 100 metres away!!
Before Easter and for that weekend Marco has superb sun grown sweet strawberries coming in from Naples - if you prefer the supermarket variety then what a great pity as you are missing a sensational taste!!
Spring is in full swing in Italy, up to 29 degrees last week so lots of beautiful fresh produce- like fresh sweet peas that are available from La Cantina - are now coming on stream...keep looking at this blog and you will see regular snippets and tips from Marco, Liz and Dave at La Cantina - in between delighting customers and preparing it all with great passion and care in the kitchen!! and seeing these products used week in week out as a matter of course at La Cantina - hence its growing reputation on providing dishes that have unique and superb but simple tastes'

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