Joanne Walsh, from Secret Sanctuary, shares her tips for normal people who like to look lovely!
5th October 2011
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Easy makeup tips for normal people who like to look lovely!

I do get frustrated when some beauty magazines offer makeup hints and tips which are either impossible to do yourself or feature a ‘look’ you would never wear! Also makeup counters can be terrifying places, everyone else seems to know what they’re doing except you and its can seem very intimidating for even the most normally assured lady so here are some easy and simple ideas that can really make a difference!

Many people are scared of eye shadow and don’t know what colours will suit them – a fool proof way to work this out and to give you a great everyday look is to look into your own eyes! Most people will have flecks of colours in the iris. If you match your eye shadow to these flecks it will really emphasis the natural colour in your eyes, making them look bigger and very beautiful! For example blue eyes often contain golden flecks and brown eyes often contain paler brown or green flecks. Apply a liitle over your lid and blend well with a fluffy brush. The effect can be amazing, then as you gain confidence you may try two colours blended together – or simply go more sparkly for an evening look.

The colour of Lipstick can be another issue, and as lips naturally thin with age another easy tip to make them look fuller is to apply a lip liner, as near to your natural lip colour as possible, all over the lips and simply put a clear lip gloss over the top. Your lips will look natural but fuller and lip liner normally stays on much longer than lip stick.  Again you can try a lip gloss with a touch of sparkle for the evening - Dior do an amazing one in a tube that is beautifully clear with sparkly bits and should last you forever. 

And finally You’re never too old for false lashes!! They are a great way to have fun with your makeup look and add some glamour. Make up counters will often apply them for you if you ask when you buy them – or call me and I will come round and put them on for you!!!!

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