How to get the best out of your recruiter! By Axis Recruitment
20th October 2011
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In every person’s working life, there comes a time to stop and re-evaluate their career. At some point you yourself may feel the need for a new role, a bigger challenge or simply wish to start again with a new vocation and a fresh outlook on life.

You may have prestigious qualifications, bundles of experience and a razor-sharp CV, but as we all know, the recruitment industry is rarely straightforward. People who are searching for new roles in today’s job market, especially during these testing times will find competition for the best positions fiercer than ever before. Employers, wishing to find the best candidates for their openings, will invariably turn to recruitment firms who specialise in their sector, to do this for them.

This is why when searching for your new perfect job, it’s vital that you find the recruiters who are known for placing candidates in your chosen field, and that you know how to work with your recruiters to maximise the help that they will give you to find a new job.

At Axis Recruitment, we’d like to share with you some useful tips for working with your recruiter. You may think of some these being down to general common sense, but you’d be surprised at just how common some of these mistakes are.

So without further ado, here are Axis Recruitment’s top tips for getting the best out of your recruiter:

Keep in regular contact. If you don’t keep in touch with us then we’ll find it difficult to find you work as we won’t know if you’re still available and we won’t be sure what kind of roles you’re currently interested in. Plus, we like to hear from all of our candidates regularly as we believe that maintaining strong, friendly relationships is in the best interests of everyone. So don’t be a stranger!

Have a genuine motivation for finding a new job. Just as with many things in life, great roles invariably go to those who want them the most. Those who contact recruitment agencies on a whim, who’re ‘just having a look’, will often struggle to secure what could be a dream job, because this passive attitude mwill be picked up by both the agency and the would-be employer. We have a responsibility to the employers who we work with to provide them with candidates who truly want the job more than anything. You need to have passion to secure a new job, plus be able to demonstrate that passion both to us and employers.

Prepare for your interviews.
This may sound obvious, but it can prove to be a real stumbling block to those
looking for a new role, and can be linked to the point above, meaning that
employers will look at someone who hasn’t prepared for the interview as someone who doesn’t really want the job. Don’t be that person. Make sure that you’ve done plenty of research into the company, the role and what is expected of the person who fills this role. Your interviewers will expect you to have somequestions for them, as remember, you are interviewing them as well, so be sureto have some prepared.

Have good timekeeping. Whether you have an appointment with your recruiter or an employer, you need to be on time. In this business, lateness is unacceptable. Employers are naturally reluctant to take on people with poor timekeeping skills and recruiters will find it hard to put you forward for the best roles, as you will be seen as unreliable.

Show up for the interview. This may be the most obvious point of all, but it’s a
pet hate for recruiters, recruiters who have spent time selling a person to an
employer and put their own reputation on the line for a person who doesn’t even go to the interview. The recruitment agency then ends up looking ridiculous andwill be unwilling to work with this person again.

Give us feedback after the interview. Immediately after any interview you should be calling your recruiter to tell them how it went, whether you’re interested in the role or not. This simply courteous act will greatly improve your chances of landing the role, if you want it.

So there you have it, six easy steps to follow. Get each one right and you’ll have a great relationship with your recruiter and that dream job will be yours in no time. Happy hunting!

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