Hints and Tips from Treble 9 Group to limit the impact of large events on your business
8th November 2011
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The long awaited route for the 2012 Olympic torch is out and business leaders should check if it’s going past their doorstep.

With crowds expected to line to streets, road closures disrupting traffic and employees taking time out of their day to catch a glimpse, your company could run the risk of getting burnt with all these external factors – unless you spare a quick thought about what you can do.

We’ve worked with members of the business community before to limit the impact of large events on their business and here’s a couple of hints and tips based on our experience:

1. Talk to your staff

You can build great goodwill by giving them 30mins break to watch the procession


2. Check on any disruption to your trade routes

Your local Council, together with the police, will manage this and the earlier you engage with them you may be able to reduce the impact

3. Communicate with customers and suppliers

By giving them information early you can increase engagement, trust and ensure you can carry on trading without interference.


For more expertise you are welcome to contact Henry Platten henry@treble9group.com


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