Hillyer McKeown Solicitors use World IP Day to advise City Businesses: 'Protect what's yours'
25th April 2012
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Leading Chester Law Firm, Hillyer McKeown are using World IP Day this week to draw attention to the value Intellectual Property Rights can have for the City’s businesses.

World IP day celebrates innovation and creativity and was launched on 26th April 1970 the same day that the world intellectual property organisation was founded.

“Intellectual Property Rights (IPR’s) covering patents, trademarks, designs and copyright can seem a complex topic to understand from the outside, but ensuring you identify your IPR’s at the outset and then protect and exploit the IPRs can be extremely important for businesses” Said Joanne Shelley, Head of IP at Hillyer McKeown.

“Identifying their IPRs will help businesses when it comes to protecting and exploiting what they have invested time and resources in creating or developing. From the name and logo of their products and services, to website designs and software they have created, to a novel product they have developed or their best selling design or formula, knowing what IPR’s they own can help a business turn their ideas into profit. Businesses need to understand their IPR’s and see them as an extremely valuable business asset.”

Joanne added: “For many Chester businesses they work in competitive sectors, it’s therefore vital that understand the importance of their IPR’s to protect and distinguish their products and services and maximise their revenue streams. To help raise awareness about the importance of Intellectual Property, we’ve launched our IP guidelines to help Chester businesses understand more about the topic. These are available to download free from our website: http://www.hillyermckeown.co.uk/index.php?page=intellectual-property 

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