Here’s some top tips you can put in place for business continuity planning for bad weather from Henry Platten, MD Treble 9 Group
4th January 2012
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The terrible storms hitting the UK this week have truly signaled that winter is here.

Despite the arrival of bad weather, there are still things you can do to ensure you can keep the heart beat of your business going, no matter what life (or the elements) throws at you.

Ideally business continuity planning for bad weather takes place months before the clouds start to draw in. However with almost 50,000 homes and businesses hit … don’t worry it’s not too late.

Here’s some top tips you can put in place (some in the same time it’ll take to boil-up the kettle and make yourself a nice hot drink)…

1.Stay one step ahead: There are great sources of free information which can help you identify if you, your team or your operations are at risk of bad weather. One of the best places to check is the BBC Weather pages

2.Bad weather = stress: During bad weather people start to get anxious about if they can get home, how safe their family is, if their car will start. You can help to remove these stresses if you keep an eye on the weather and letting your team know in advance that you’ll be sending them home if weather gets bad.

3.Keeping calm and carrying on: Freezing conditions can stop people getting into work. If your business can carry on with people working from home then it’s well worth looking at some great resources such as Google Docs which can help people work remotely. This helps you keep calm if the office is out of bounds and carry on trading.
With team members working from home it’s best to have a remote working policy (which covers your data protection liabilities). Our sister company HR Angels Consultancy are offering readers of our blog a 15% discount on a tailored remote workers policy if you email

If you’ve got any questions from this blog, or would like to ask any questions about how to reduce the risks to your business from the bad weather please call the team on 01244 537304, email

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